Signature Perfect sets up European distribution network for Penflow and Electronic Signature

Signature Perfect concludes distribution agreements with WonderNet, Mikromatic, Electric Paper, FORMULARplus and OptoSweden.

Ashford / Frankfurt am Main. October 21, 2002 - Signature Perfect KG, provider of the only public trust center world-wide for electronic signature and authentication by hand-written signature has concluded a distribution agreement with WonderNet Ltd., Israel, for their Penflow electronic signature and authentication software. The objective of this agreement is to place Penflow as the client component for Signature Perfect’s electronic signature and authentication service as well as offering in-house solutions for closed user groups with an authentication server of their own. With Mikromatic GmbH, Electric Paper GmbH, FORMULARplus GmbH and OptoSweden AB Signature Perfect won over four important suppliers in the field of document management as distribution partners for Penflow.

Penflow by WonderNet facilitates the clear authentication of persons via the internet by means of their hand-written signature. In addition, Penflow makes possible the creation of an electronic signature for MS-Word documents and PDF-forms, thereby enabling companies to bridge the media gap between “print – sign - scan without proof of evidence”. The integration of Penflow in process applications is very simple due to the plug-in SigPDF for PDF-forms. For special requirements a software development kit is available.

Signature Perfect has already concluded distribution contracts with Mikromatic GmbH, Electric Paper GmbH, FORMULARplus GmbH as well as OptoSweden AB. “Value Added Resellers, system suppliers and system integrators in the field of document management and workflow are the right partners for us with a view to implementing our solution in the market” comments Rolf Schmoldt, managing director of Signature Perfect . “These are the companies who run projects in enterprises so as to bridge the media gap.”

Signature Perfect already uses Penflow for their own public trust center. “Our cooperation partner WACOM carried out a study with users of graphics and signature pads, which clearly showed a preference of the hand-written signature in the context of electronic signature. Our authentication and electronic signature service perfectly suits the demands of these clients” says Richard Eason, business development director of Signature Perfect. “ We have also received enquiries from closed user groups, for which our in-house solution with their own verification server will be the ideal choice.”

According to Signature Perfect, the main focus will still be on the electronic signature with online authentication by means of hand-written biometric signature, above all B2B solutions. From November 2002 a capture solution for hand-written signatures will also be offered for B2C business.

An important feature of the capture solution is that after capturing the hand-written biometric signature templates, the electronic signature is provided by the signature service together with the hash of the document as well as the profile of the hand-written biometric signature. An authentication certificate does not apply in case of the capture solution. Unlike other authentication methods such as SmartCard and PIN, the capture solution incorporates the profile of the hand-written signature into the electronic signature, thereby facilitating the identification by handwriting experts at a later date.

The electronic signature protects the integrity of the document, whereas the profile of the hand-written signature incorporated into the electronic signature safeguards the identity of the signatory.

Signature Perfect KG:

Signature Perfect KG offers the only public internet service for European advanced electronic signatures world-wide. The authentication is performed by means of the hand-written biometric signature captured on a signature pad. The hash of the document or of parts of a document (in forms) is sent to the server together with the captured profile of the hand-written biometric signature. After successful authentication the electronic signature is created using the private key, either of the company account for non-registered signatories or of the registered signatory himself. The electronic signature including the public key is transmitted to the application program and incorporated into the document in question. The encrypted signature contains the hash of the document together with the profile of the hand-written signature, thereby facilitating the checking of the document against fraud by checking the identity of the signatory by handwriting forensic experts at a later date. With the method developed by Signature Perfect, there is no risk of passing on or losing a PIN or SmartCard (e.g. the Private Key), since the user only needs his hand-written signature.

Germany has operated some of the most comprehensive electronic signature laws for longer than most other countries and, even since adaptation to conform to the EU Electronic Signature Directive, they are still amongst the most stringent in the world. The German Civil Code (BGB § 127) stipulates that for more than 95% of all agreements, declarations of intent and receipts an advanced electronic signature, as laid down in the Signature Act (SigG § 2 section 1), is fully sufficient. Signature Perfect offers advanced electronic signatures for MS-Word and PDF-documents generated through Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Approval. This means that electronic documents for all fields of e-commerce, workflow and document management can be produced and made admissible as evidence. Above all, the plug-in especially developed for PDF facilitates the signing of complex documents and procedures in the field of administration and contracts.  It also allows the tracking of documents by allocating defined parts of a document to a specific signature. This is what Signature Perfect calls bridging the media gap of “print, sign, scan without proof of evidence”.

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