Signature Perfect and Signtrust Join Forces to Offer WonderNet’s Penflow Solutions for Electronic Signature

Bonn / Frankfurt am Main / DMS Expo - September 16, 2003 – At the DMS EXPO, Deutsche Post Signtrust GmbH and Signature Perfect KG today announced a partnership for the non-regulated electronic signature using Penflow technology.

Deutsche Post Signtrust and Signature Perfect will now offer a joint publicly accessible Internet electronic signature service that uses dynamic signatures. The timing of the announcement, made at DMS EXPO, the most important document management trade show in Europe, serves to emphasize the direction in which both companies are moving.

Rolf Schmoldt, general manager of Signature Perfect, discusses the advantages of the partnership, “Since December 2002 when we first extended Penflow technology to include biometric signature authentication of even unregistered signatories, we have seen a strong demand from all business sectors. However, right from the beginning of the evaluation stages, it was clear that we could only conduct our upcoming projects by expanding our resources further or by working with a suitable partner. We have found such a partner in Signtrust.”

Signtrust is backed by its reputation as an accredited trust center with long-standing experience in electronic signature authentication. It is further able to gain customer trust by offering the required secure infrastructure. This partnership enables Signature Perfect to focus on its core business, the production of software components for electronic signature procedures. At the center of its attentions are procedures related to the normal course of business, to which the legally required documentation does not apply and which therefore do not require qualified signatures.

“The Penflow technology convinced us. Along with access to the current market for non-regulated electronic signature, if need be, this technology will enable us, when the European Community guidelines are modified, to offer this process for advanced electronic signatures for unregistered signatories,” said Mathias Adamek, product manager for Deutsche Post Signtrust.

About Signature Perfect KG

Founded in 2001, Signature Perfect is based in Frankfurt am Main and offers software modules for advanced electronic signature as well as online authentication via autographic biometric signature. We are dedicated to providing solutions for MS-Word and PDF documents. Additional development tools enable the implementation of complex forms with multiple signatures for automated workflows, quality management, approval procedures and government agency procedures.

About Deutsche Post Signtrust GmbH

Signtrust is a leading solution provider for legally binding Internet communication based on electronic signature. It operates a physical trust center at the highest certification level.

Moreover, Signtrust offers software and services such as mass signatures, mass time stamps and other electronic signature services. In the future the Company will offer these services using autographic biometric signatures.

About WonderNet Ltd.

WonderNet Ltd. is a leading signature solutions company offering the Penflow™ technology. The system is based on inherent proprietary patents that validate a biometric signature in a quick, non-invasive and highly accurate manner. WonderNet Ltd. has developed a new and unique algorithm that allows biometric signature authentication by monitoring human hand movements instead of the final image. Penflow™ technology is a mature, proven system and requires no special computer knowledge or training, and is “as simple to apply as signing your name”. An off-the-shelf product, Penflow™ is endorsed by financial, military, industrial and legal institutions. Dynamic signature verification complements or replaces a personal identification number, passwords, hardware devices such as cards (magnetic or SIM) or keys as a means for identity verification.

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