Electronic Signature Solution SigPDF available for Acrobat 8

Optimizing workflow processes with an advanced electronic signature in combination with handwritten biometric signature

Frankfurt am Main, Germany, May 25, 2007 - The German companies Signature Perfect KG and StepOver GmbH have developed the next generation of the Acrobat plugin SigPDF for electronic signature with handwritten signatures for Acrobat 8.

Signature Perfect KG and StepOver GmbH with headquarters in Germany, have signed a development cooperation for the Acrobat plugin SigPDF and present actually the newest version of the electronic signature plugin SigPDF 4.6 for Acrobat 8.

The plugin comes with its already known advantages. Based on the regulations of the European Community Directive and the strict German signature law SigPDF enables an advanced electronic signature without the need of previous registration of the signatories. Like on paper the during the signing process captured and secure encrypted biometric data of a handwritten signature will be embedded into the PDF document and is available as evidence in case an identification of the signatory by a forensic specialist is needed.

The digital signature and its hash value itself, which enables to validate the integrity of the signed PDF document, will be embedded by Acrobat as a content signature – based on the PDF specifications – into the PDF document. Based on the conformity with the PDF specifications SigPDF allows for multiple signatures the combined use with other signature methods, as long they also are based on the PDF specifications.

The special advantage of the plugin is its very simple possibility to integrate SigPDF into existing environments. SigPDF does not use any program interfaces, SigPDF uses the standard import interfaces of Acrobat. SigPDF can be triggered and executed without any customized programming, special configurations are not necessary.

Both companies actually plan, as in previous versions to supply SigPDF also for Adobe Reader 8. SigPDF 5 should be available in August 2007. In addition to the enhanced Penflow technology for capturing and optional online verification of signatories – based on their handwritten signatures – also the integration of capture and authentication products of other suppliers should be enabled.

Signature Perfect and StepOver recommend SigPDF specially for the use at counters for face2face business or with mobile devices, either with additional signature pads or tablet PC’s.

Signature Perfect KG

The company was founded in 2001 with headquarter in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Signature Perfect offers electronic signature solutions to create online or offline European advanced electronic signatures for PDF documents as Adobe Acrobat™ and Adobe Reader™ plugins. Development tools enable the realization of complex PDF forms with multiple signatures for automatic workflows, quality management and all other possible document based processes.

In addition Signature Perfect offers the only public electronic signature service for advanced electronic signatures with optional integrated online authentication based on handwritten electronic signatures.

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