SigPDF supports electronic and biometric signature for PDF/A

With SigPDF 5.1 Signature Perfect expands the possibilities for digital signing of PDF and XFA documents with Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader.

Frankfurt am Main, Germany, June 30, 2008 – Signature Perfect presents the newest version of the Adobe Acrobat / Adobe Reader signature plugin. With SigPDF 5.1 for PDF/A documents the signatory can create in combination with biometric signatures normal as well as advanced electronic signatures.

Signature Perfect is specialist for certificate free digital signatures using Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader. Beside normal PDF forms (AcroForm) as well as static and dynamic XFA forms the newest version SigPDF 5.1 enables for PDF/A documents digital signatures based on handwritten, with a signature pad on the fly captured biometric signature without any previous registration of the signatory. SigPDF now also supports flat PDF documents from PDF version 1.3 and higher.

With the new PDF/A feature it is now possible to sign from any application – e.g. MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Powerpoint, AutoCad - created PDF/A documents without any problems and without loss of the PDF/A compatibility. SigPDF besides supports the Acrobat / Adobe Reader feature “Place Signature”. That combination allows to sign PDF/A immediately after their creation.

With the new SigPDF Signature Perfect not only takes account on the need for adhoc signatures, Signature Perfect also enables to archive signed documents in the future archive format PDF/A.

For enterprises which work with forms created with Adobe LiveCycle Forms ES and viewing such forms in the clients browser with Adobe Reader and have the need to archive signed PDF/A documents the possibility exists, after processing of the filled PDF or XFA forms and extraction of the form fields data to convert the form into a PDF/A document, add signature fields based on the PDF specifications and view the PDF/A document again for final signing.

Signature Perfect KG

The company was founded in 2001 with headquarter in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Signature Perfect offers electronic / digital signature solutions to create online or offline European advanced electronic signatures for PDF documents with Adobe Acrobat™ and Adobe Reader™ plugins. Development tools enable the realization of complex PDF forms with multiple signatures for automatic workflows, quality management and all other possible document based processes.

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