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Nobody is perfect, also we are not. For that reason we handle our own mistakes open. Before you contact us, please check in the bug list below, whether your noticed bug is already known and whether solutions or workarounds are available.

The support on this web site is a free service and not part of any licence or other agreement. Signature Perfect keeps the right to change any condition of the support which is described on this web site at any time or to close this web-site. Signature Perfect is neither liable for any damages based on the described work arounds nor for the content of any link on this or linked web sites.

If you need detailed information about specific solutions or work arounds for Acrobat / Adobe Reader limitations, as a customer feel free to contact us.

Technical Support Service

Signature Perfect can not give any support for installation and configuration of operating systems like WIndows or any applications like Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. Also Signature Perfect can not give any support for internet connections or configuration. Signature Perfect keeps the right to reject support requests, if the requesting person does not have know how about

  1. how to use and administrate his operating system
  2. how to use and administrate his web browser
  3. how to use and administrate his software applications like Adobe products.

Signature Perfect provides free email-support for the following products:

  1. SigPDF - Adobe Acrobat / Adobe Reader plugin (only Acrobat / Reader version 8 or higher)
  2. StepOver signature Pads (naturaSign)
  3. signotec signature Pads (SIGMA, OMEGA, GAMMA)
  4. WACOM WINTAB Pads (Penpartner, Graphire2, Graphire3 and Volito)

We are supporting the above mentioned Pads only in connection with SigPDF.

The support includes help for installation and configuration of the named products. Questions about StepOver or WACOM products only will be answered, if such products are used with SigPDF. Otherwise please contact StepOver Germany or WACOM Europe .

For a technical request please use our request form.

SigPDF - PlugIn - Current Version Build 08-09-000477
( August 11th, 2018 ) 
SigPDF For SigPDF updates please contact us directly by sending a request.

SigPDF 8.9
Known Problems / Bugs / Workarounds / Bugfix
For the current version no bugs are known. If in older versions any bugs occur, we can offer an update free of charge.
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